About us.


The P L A C E behind Squiggle Yarn Co.

Based in South Australia, our studio is located in the cosy and comfortable Northern Adelaide Suburbs. Currently we are based primarily online and if you’re a local, you may find us at upcoming markets.

If you’re an international customer, I highly recommend one day visiting Adelaide - it's a place of many little gems.

The F A C E behind Squiggle Yarn Co.

My name is Madeline and I am the founder, creative director and sole indie dyer of Squiggle Yarn Co. and it is an absolute pleasure to provide you with always soft and colourful yarn.

Squiggle Yarn Co. grew from a personal obsession of hand-dyed yarn and an early exposure of knitting and crocheting from my Nanna when I was a little girl.

I adore colour; I can’t get enough of it and I really think the world needs more of it splashed around the place.

I AM SO EXCITED about seeing where this journey takes me. I hope to grow and really immerse myself in this big step but I certainly couldn’t be here without YOUR support, so thank you so so so much. You are wonderful!!

The I D E A behind Squiggle Yarn Co.

We all start somewhere as a beginner whether it's crocheting, knitting or basically anything in life. I remember being a beginner and making mistakes which ultimately helped me grow.

I would often somehow get my ball of yarn muddled up into a big 'Squiggle' of mess and then I’d spend hours untangling the big 'Squiggle'. Eventually that 'Squiggle' turned into a creation, a hobby, a love and a project.

Squiggle Yarn Co. is about starting somewhere- it’s about growing; it’s about taking a risk.

Raise your glass of wine (go on, you deserve it!), shot of vodka, double shot cappuccino or cup of water even, AND CHEERS TO CREATING SOMETHING, TO TAKING A STEP TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE AND DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

Thank you for being a part of a soft, squishy, colourful yarn journey!